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this guy was definitely gonna have opinions ( i'm still amazed how i responded!) authenticity business success business systems career Feb 20, 2024

Hey Friend!

I should've known I was gonna get mansplained.

The guy had that look.

Right out of the Uppity Urban Architect Fashion Collection: grey flannel pants, a black cashmere turtleneck, and a pompous attitude.

Some architects are like that...especially with "lowly" civil engineers like me....

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that time i was a medical marvel (according to a guy named jimbo) authenticity career entrepreneurship failure mindset Feb 06, 2024

Hey, Friend!

Weeding my garden put me in the hospital.

That I was weeding was an oddity in itself.

I love planning a garden.

 I love planting a garden.

 I love harvesting a garden.

I absolutely abhor maintaining a garden.

I always have. Even before it required me to go to physical...

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those poor smurfs (or maybe they had it coming) adhd authenticity entrepreneurship failure neurodivergence womanhood Jan 30, 2024

Hey friend!

Five years ago, I dyed my hair blue for the first time.

It was a promise I'd made to myself when I started my business.

I wanted to do something I knew wouldn't fly at any of my old workplaces.

Now, when I went blue, I wasn't new to hair color.

I'd always wanted to be a redhead, so I...

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circular logic (the good kind) entrepreneurship mindset perfectionism Jan 23, 2024

Well, last week was a week, wasn't it?

In my neck of the woods, we had a Monday holiday.

Then two snow days.

Then, finally, a day of school!

...and then another snow day. 

We only had a few flurries last year, so these snows that dropped enough for sledding--and canceled school!--were a BIG...

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frogs and ladders (and other non-sequiturs) adhd authenticity failure knitting mindset perfectionism Jan 09, 2024

Happy New Year! I can still say that, right? I mean, my holiday decorations are still up.

I hope you were able to get some downtime for yourself over the holiday.

I did. At least, I did after I decided to slow roll into 2024 instead of trying to get all of 2024 planned while also trying to manage...

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👋🏻 so glad that twit's gone (no offense, old me) authenticity failure mindset perfectionism Dec 05, 2023

I'm not proud of this, but I used to be an envious little twit.

I found it hard to be genuinely happy for my friends when good things happened in their careers.

I mean, I wasn't a total ass-hat about it.

I was happy for them. And I'd congratulate them and celebrate the news.

But inside I was...

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80s movie wisdom (i need to learn to make a montage) adhd authenticity career entrepreneurship neurodivergence Nov 14, 2023

I used to love life hacks. The stupider the better.

The algorithms figured this out and fed me video after video.

Most weren't hacks so much as crafts. And the rest seemed more complicated than what you're supposed to make easier.

It didn't matter, I'd watch the videos anyway.

Some of that was...

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here's a picture of my dog (sometimes writing subject lines is hard) authenticity mindset perfectionism Nov 03, 2023

When I was little, I thought people said "It's a doggie-dog world."

I knew from the context it meant something negative.

I wasn't clear on why dogs were involved. Maybe it just meant not good for humans? Like how if something's "gone to the dogs" it was no longer good?

So I figured if something...

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i just can't pretend today (things are NOT fine) authenticity entrepreneurship mindset perfectionism Oct 27, 2023

So, the world’s on fire. Even with my limited news diet, I know this.

And we’re all just supposed go on being productive?


The thing is, I actually really want to be productive right now.

Because what I want more than anything is to re-write that “always be productive”...

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the lesson of sister mary loquacious (besides just wanting a cup of tea) adhd authenticity failure mindset perfectionism Oct 19, 2023

I was absolutely certain I sent a weekly email last week.

I would've bet on it.

Aaaaannnnd....I would've lost. Because I definitely did not.

It's the kind of thing I could really beat myself up about.

And that's exactly what I would've done to myself in the past.

Somewhere in my formative years,...

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don't get so emotional...(EXCUSE ME?!) adhd authenticity failure mindset neurodivergence womanhood Sep 29, 2023

"Don't get so emotional."

That's right up there with "calm down" as phrases guaranteed to elicit the exact opposite reaction than the words request...

I'm not sure which is worse.

It probably doesn't matter, since they mean basically the same thing:

"Your reaction is making me uncomfortable, so...

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the text that possibly saved my life (it definitely made it less bad) Sep 25, 2023

In September three years ago, I texted a childhood friend to wish her a happy birthday.

We were practically conjoined in high school--same classes, hanging out on weekends, and on the phone for hours each afternoon.

(On a phone that was just a phone--with cords and busy signals. Though we both...

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