here's a picture of my dog (sometimes writing subject lines is hard)

authenticity mindset perfectionism Nov 03, 2023
Weirdly Wired Women
here's a picture of my dog (sometimes writing subject lines is hard)

When I was little, I thought people said "It's a doggie-dog world."

I knew from the context it meant something negative.

I wasn't clear on why dogs were involved. Maybe it just meant not good for humans? Like how if something's "gone to the dogs" it was no longer good?

So I figured if something was doggie dog, it must be super-extra NOT GOOD for people.

I was horrified when I discovered it was "dog-eat-dog world."

Dogs EAT other dogs?!?!?!


In the end, they do kinda mean the same thing...

A dog-eat-dog world IS, in fact, super-extra not good for people.

If the image doesn't show: My officemate, Ripley, napping on the couch pillows. If this is a doggie-dog world, I'm totally in.

I think sometimes people think dog-eat-dog is the way business is for people. And if you're not big on stressful competition, that could keep you from starting one.

But it isn't. At least, in my experience, it doesn't HAVE to be.

I regularly chat with people who do almost the same thing as me. And I never feel we're competing. In fact, were usually always offering each other help.

That got me thinking...

I often write about the challenges of business.

I do that because, well, fear can hold us back.

But having a business isn't all about overcoming stuff.

It's also pretty awesome...

This week alone I got to:

😊 Help women learn things about themselves

😊 Support women struggling with big changes

😊 Talk to other women entrepreneurs doing amazing things

😊 Make money

😊 Write, think, and create

😊 Take mid-day walks in the beautiful fall weather

😊 Knock off early to nap after I slept poorly (thanks, perimenopause!)

😊 Bring my son to therapy, during "the work day." And I knitted while I waited, instead of answering emails

I used to make sure to take time on Fridays to think about my weekly "wins." But I've gotten out of the habit. I'm glad I took some time to do it today.

What can you celebrate this week? I'd love to know!

For all intensive purposes 😜,