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that time i was a medical marvel (according to a guy named jimbo) authenticity career entrepreneurship failure mindset Feb 06, 2024

Hey, Friend!

Weeding my garden put me in the hospital.

That I was weeding was an oddity in itself.

I love planning a garden.

 I love planting a garden.

 I love harvesting a garden.

I absolutely abhor maintaining a garden.

I always have. Even before it required me to go to physical...

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those poor smurfs (or maybe they had it coming) adhd authenticity entrepreneurship failure neurodivergence womanhood Jan 30, 2024

Hey friend!

Five years ago, I dyed my hair blue for the first time.

It was a promise I'd made to myself when I started my business.

I wanted to do something I knew wouldn't fly at any of my old workplaces.

Now, when I went blue, I wasn't new to hair color.

I'd always wanted to be a redhead, so I...

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circular logic (the good kind) entrepreneurship mindset perfectionism Jan 23, 2024

Well, last week was a week, wasn't it?

In my neck of the woods, we had a Monday holiday.

Then two snow days.

Then, finally, a day of school!

...and then another snow day. 

We only had a few flurries last year, so these snows that dropped enough for sledding--and canceled school!--were a BIG...

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80s movie wisdom (i need to learn to make a montage) adhd authenticity career entrepreneurship neurodivergence Nov 14, 2023

I used to love life hacks. The stupider the better.

The algorithms figured this out and fed me video after video.

Most weren't hacks so much as crafts. And the rest seemed more complicated than what you're supposed to make easier.

It didn't matter, I'd watch the videos anyway.

Some of that was...

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i just can't pretend today (things are NOT fine) authenticity entrepreneurship mindset perfectionism Oct 27, 2023

So, the world’s on fire. Even with my limited news diet, I know this.

And we’re all just supposed go on being productive?


The thing is, I actually really want to be productive right now.

Because what I want more than anything is to re-write that “always be productive”...

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what's with all the hats? (do they at least complement my face?) entrepreneurship perfectionism Sep 15, 2023

How many times did you ask yourself this week, "whyyyyyyyy do I have to do SO MANY THINGS?"

Life as an adult is exhausting and overwhelming.

I wish I could tell you that all vanishes when you start a business. But then the pants on my lyin' butt would catch fire, and I do not want that headache.

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well that escalated quickly (sorry about that!) career entrepreneurship mindset Sep 07, 2023

The week after Labor Day always feels so...blah.

When I commuted, I always noticed how everyone on the road or the metro looked like kids who'd just been told they could never eat Oreos ever again. 

It's like we collectively understand, regardless of the weather where we live, that summer's...

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i'll probably take this to the grave (but which one?) authenticity entrepreneurship mindset Aug 29, 2023

There are no skeletons in my closet.

There's an entire cemetery.

There’s the Hobby Mausoleum. Entombed here are the remains of quilling supplies, beads, embroidery floss, jewelry paraphernalia, partially completed projects--along with all the craft flotsam I’ve accumulated from my...

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well, i wasn't really ready for that (but guess what happened?) entrepreneurship perfectionism Aug 17, 2023

A short, slim nightstand lived between the twin beds of sisters for at least two generations. What secrets was it privvy to?

The first sisters I know of were my mom and aunt. But for all I know, it may have been in a room with my grandmother and her sister before that.

The second pair was me and...

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why was i crying? (i remember Bette Midler's bra song, but not this?) entrepreneurship womanhood Aug 10, 2023

I can’t remember one of the funniest things I ever heard.

We were sitting around the table at my brother’s house…a bunch of my family, including my octogenarian grandmother.

I don’t remember what we were talking about---or even what she said---but I know it was on point,...

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what did she say? (so. many. f-words) entrepreneurship mindset Aug 03, 2023

Lisa had a saying she loved to use and it stuck with me.

She’d been a chemist in the state forensics lab, ages before NCIS, CSI and Bones made forensic science cool.

I met her after that—when she was a high school chemistry teacher…a job that’s probably never been...

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should i just let it go? (what would you do?) career entrepreneurship Jul 27, 2023

Ladies, we’ve all seen it.

The line snaking out of the restroom.

I eyed this one, watching people shift around, hoping their bladders would hold out. Those at the back rummaged their pockets for snacks–it was going to be a while.

The opposite door had no line. And I really had to pee....

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