i just can't pretend today (things are NOT fine)

authenticity entrepreneurship mindset perfectionism Oct 27, 2023
Dog in fire

So, the world’s on fire. Even with my limited news diet, I know this.

And we’re all just supposed go on being productive?


The thing is, I actually really want to be productive right now.

Because what I want more than anything is to re-write that “always be productive” narrative.

I want business to change.

Or at least I want enough of them to change so there’s plenty of space to thrive for those of us who have

  • caregiving responsibilities, or
  • chronic conditions, or
  • neurodivergence, or
  • a desire live life differently,
  • or hearts that ache over the news and need time to process their emotions instead of just throwing on yet another mask and pretending everything is fine.

Or any number and combination of the above. Along with all the challenges I haven’t thought of.

And the only way it will change is if we make it change.

When we have our own businesses, we can run them in ways that are supportive of all those “weirdos” in that list up there.

We can make money without demanding burn-out levels of effort from ourselves or other businesses.

We can make space for each other to be the humans that we are.

And when enough of us are doing that, the “normal” ways of doing business will start to change.

Which is my mission with weirdly wired women. So, I’m excited about opening my membership and community. I’m so motivated to get it help bring about that change I believe so strongly in.


I’m also feeling the weight of the world's violence. And the stress of friends who are government contractors who aren’t sure they’ll have jobs in a few weeks. Plus the day-to-day of my own family’s struggles.

That’s a lot of big stuff to hold space for.

So what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to walk the walk. Practice what I preach. Or, as my friend Angie says, eat my own cooking.

And possibly, I'll make business people worldwide clutch their pearls while making dire predictions about my choice to share this. But so be it. I hope they have a fainting couch nearby.

Because it's not business as usual today. I'm still super excited about opening a membership. But I also need to sit with all that's going on.

I simply can't pretend "it's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine" and continue to produce and perform like I want to.

My plan was to launch early next week. But I’m going to push it back a few days.

So if you've been on tenterhooks waiting, I'm sorry. It'll be a slightly longer wait. But I promise, not much.

Thanks for understanding. You really are the best! 💜

And, hey... if you're also struggling to maintain life as usual lately, I hope you can find some space where you can just be, even if you can't be there for very long.

Big hugs and secret handshakes,