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this guy was definitely gonna have opinions ( i'm still amazed how i responded!) authenticity business success business systems career Feb 20, 2024

Hey Friend!

I should've known I was gonna get mansplained.

The guy had that look.

Right out of the Uppity Urban Architect Fashion Collection: grey flannel pants, a black cashmere turtleneck, and a pompous attitude.

Some architects are like that...especially with "lowly" civil engineers like me....

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that time i was a medical marvel (according to a guy named jimbo) authenticity career entrepreneurship failure mindset Feb 06, 2024

Hey, Friend!

Weeding my garden put me in the hospital.

That I was weeding was an oddity in itself.

I love planning a garden.

 I love planting a garden.

 I love harvesting a garden.

I absolutely abhor maintaining a garden.

I always have. Even before it required me to go to physical...

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80s movie wisdom (i need to learn to make a montage) adhd authenticity career entrepreneurship neurodivergence Nov 14, 2023

I used to love life hacks. The stupider the better.

The algorithms figured this out and fed me video after video.

Most weren't hacks so much as crafts. And the rest seemed more complicated than what you're supposed to make easier.

It didn't matter, I'd watch the videos anyway.

Some of that was...

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well that escalated quickly (sorry about that!) career entrepreneurship mindset Sep 07, 2023

The week after Labor Day always feels so...blah.

When I commuted, I always noticed how everyone on the road or the metro looked like kids who'd just been told they could never eat Oreos ever again. 

It's like we collectively understand, regardless of the weather where we live, that summer's...

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should i just let it go? (what would you do?) career entrepreneurship Jul 27, 2023

Ladies, we’ve all seen it.

The line snaking out of the restroom.

I eyed this one, watching people shift around, hoping their bladders would hold out. Those at the back rummaged their pockets for snacks–it was going to be a while.

The opposite door had no line. And I really had to pee....

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