Lots of things in life weren't designed with women in mind...

One of the worst offenders is work...

You want (or need) to work. But you HATE feeling stuck in a place that just doesn’t get you.

 What’s a girl to do? 

 Well, you can try to find a job you enjoy at a great company—maybe even switching careers to get there. 

Or… You can start your own thing.

I know, that sounds scary. But also thrilling…right? 


I mean…imagine. Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend your days…  

  • Focusing on your strengths instead of doing the tedious work of 3 people because the company won’t hire anyone?
  • Working on a schedule that fits all the other things you have going on. And doesn’t include meetings at 4:30 on Fridays. EVER?
  • CHOOSING to work with people who treat you as a valuable human being…unlike that mid-level exec who’s micromanaging the life out of everyone?

That's not just amazing. That's UH-MAY-ZING. 

 And you can have that!

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But the best part?

You can do it the way YOU know works best for YOU.

No more following some antiquated policy and procedures manual...
Love order and efficiency?
Aye, aye ma’am.
Thrive with some chaos?
Rock on you feisty whirlwind.
Wanna work from midnight to 6 am?
Spread your night owl wings and soar. 


Because here’s the secret…a lot of what we think about what work HAS to be is made up. 
Kinda like the idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. 
Says who and by what authority? 
No one who's living YOUR life, that's for sure.
But how do I know?

Because for decades, I changed jobs every few years trying to shake my feeling of professional ennui...

I took on more responsibilities, bigger projects, and fancier titles. I was a good little career girl: doing everything I should, following all the rules.

On the outside, I was successful. Inside, I was wilting. 

Of course, I blamed myself. “What’s wrong with you? What kind of weirdo isn’t satisfied with a perfectly fine, well-paid career? SUCK. IT. UP, Kristen.” 

I had 25 years invested in my career. Plus, I had a kid. And a mortgage.

I couldn’t leave that path now… could I?  I’d have to start over. And move into a dodgy apartment. And put the family on my college subsistence diet of 10-packs-for-$1 ramen. 

Well, I could. And I did. With no relocation or high-sodium diet.

And I did it in a way that worked for ME.
Now, I want to help others.

I work with smart women looking for a better way

You know you better than anyone. That's why I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Your stressors, your strengths

Your limitations, your loves

Your doubts, your dreams

Your experiences, your expectations

They're unique to you and weirdly wonderful. 

And together we can figure out how to work with them to build a livelihood that fits your life. 

What does your livelihood look like?

I'd love to hear from you!